Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Sleeping Controller

I have never presumed to be perfect at work; far from it.  However, I think a a person in a position such as an air traffic controller should probably be as close as one can get.  Falling a sleep at the wheel, so to speak, is completely unacceptable in this profession.  I understand that this can be one of the most monotonous jobs going.  In this line of work, there can be extremely long periods of time without any activity.  However, this still cannot be allowed to happen.  There are many short term solutions for this.  Shorten the shifts to 2 hour shifts with mandatory nap breaks! 2 hours up 2 hours down. Get rid of the cubicles these guys and gals sit in and actually have someone observe them while they work.  Sounds freaking simple, doesn't it!  Want to get more extreme? Hook up sensors to them that alert people when they drift off.   Or lets, take it a step further and shock them if they fall asleep!  In this day and age with all of our technology, can't the entire US air traffic control system be managed out of one central location.  It's not like the actually watch the planes anyhow.  Everything is done by computers and monitors; keeping it all in one place would significantly reduce the risk of someone being alone in a small tower somewhere and take the risk of falling asleep off the table.  I obviously don't have the answers, but someone sure as hell bet get them soon, before someone has a major accident and people die!

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