Sunday, June 26, 2011

First bike trip with my son!

Today, I took my son for his first official bike ride with daddy!  Granted, he is still rocking the training wheels, but it is still a bike and he was wearing his new biking gloves (like daddy's)!  We rode the Olentangy bike trail, which if you haven't ridden, you might want to.  Very scenic ride, with lots of different things to do along the way.  The trail itself is about 18 miles long, although we only hit probably 2 miles (he is 4).   We did get to play in a couple play grounds, and we even took the bikes out on to the skateboard park and had a little fun!  Just keep in mind, that the turn around point is key, although it is relatively flat, you will have to ride back to vehicle!  All in, great day, that ended with stop at Skyline Chili!

We found a play set on our ride!
Olentangy River
Admiring the wawa!
Throw rocks in wawa?
Hill climbing
Resting under the bridge
Bridge to bridge
Swim anyone?
Skyline chili time!  
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  1. This is such a Great Post~You have a handsome little fellow and it sounds like hes already in training.

  2. Thanks Stopsign, appreciate the compliment. He is awesome! He told me last night he wants to ride a big bike and play in the mud with daddy!


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