Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No More Flats- Stan's Tubeless


Today, I dropped of the bike at the shop for a little R&R (repair and replace)! After a quick lap over at the local trail last night, I flatted out again and spent considerable time trying to repair in the middle of the woods. First patch didn't hold, so I ended up replacing the tube. So far this year, this has to be at least 6 flats for me, and quite frankly, I am getting tired of it. Factor in all of the other flats my buddies have been getting and I decided to try something new. So tonight, the Giant is getting some new shoes! I decided to go with Stans No Tubes and take flat tires out of the equation.  Now I should be lighter, faster around turns, and no more time changing tubes!



Not so fast...Bike store could not finish the job, didn't have the correct valve for tubeless in stock.  

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