Friday, October 7, 2011

Upcoming Race Prep

Big race tomorrow!  This will be first time racing on hills.  I will be racing the novice race tomorrow at Mohican State Park and doing the 12 mile race.   The race will consist of a 1 mile sprint, then immediately into a 2 mile climb.  There will be then be some flowing single track for a couple of miles,  followed by a nice little fast downhill section.  Then it is back to the bottom of the first hill for lap two and back around again.   The finish will be a 1 mile sprint back to the start finish!

At present time, not sure what to expect.  We rode the 26 mile course last week, so this will obviously be easier in terms of climbing, but I have never raced up hills before.  Let's just say, this is not my specialty.  I am much better navigating the flowy sections of single track that allows me to pass a lot of people.  I guess I will just have to push it hard to make sure I am close enough to make my move on the flat sections.  I don't expect as many riders in my division this time, I think people may shy away due to the hills.   Hopefully, I will still have enough in me to place, which is how I finished in the last race.

Time to put the beer down, eats some more bananas and get ready for bed.   I will be racing in 15 hours!  Wish me luck!

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