Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Itch

Well it has officially started.  The itch to get back on the saddle and ride the trails hard.  Although I have ridden sporadically over the winter, it just isn’t the same.  Riding on ice and snow can be fun; however it is a lot of work and the falls hurt(and occur often)!  When you have a nickname like endo, you can imagine how those rides went!
Today was in the 40′s and was the perfect day to get back out there.  I even got up early and thru down a quick 20 minute warm up through neighborhood, followed by a tune up.  Got some air back in the tires after some low pressure winter riding, lubed the chain, adjusted the breaks, and tweaked the rearderailleur (annoying task).  Next step was to load the old death trap up and head over to the trails.
Problem was, decided to do a little lunch and shopping with the wife, and you guessed it, never made it back in time to ride!  I didn’t get the itch scratched!  I think I only made it worse because now I have to wait until next weekend to give it a shot again!  Oh well, it will feel all the more better when I finally get er done!

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