Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mohican National Park

Timeline of an awesome ride today!
9:00 am:   Bikes loaded up in two trucks; time for a quick snack  (PB and J’s which never made it to the hill)
9:10 am:  Oh shit, need to get gas..Hour drive and no gas, not a good thing
10:30 am: Dropped off truck number one at shuttle location, time for dog to get a quick puke on!  good thing not my truck!
10:45 am:  Gear on, packs loaded, gloves, helmets, music (note to self, need a new playlist), camera, phone.  Let’s Roll
10:55 am:  Still on my bike, so far so good, unfortunately it is early, and trail is only going to get rougher.
11:00 am:  First mechanical issues kick in; gear challenges can make for a long day!
11:15 am:  Did he just actually spit up blood?  wtf
11:30 am:  Realize, what the hell am I doing out here.  It’s wet, it’s icy, and I am freaking out of shape
12:00 am: Still holding on, still bringing up the rear, but still having fun!
1:00 pm:  Pain starting to kick in with my legs.  Clips are helping, but the climbs are tough with the wet ground and snow.
1:30 pm:  Crash 1,
1:31 pm:  Crash 2, Ice takes out two of us
1:35 pm:  Realize front rim is toast; push bike next quarter mile across icy hillside
1:40 pm:  Limp bike back to truck, rider 1 sitting in back laughing at how long it took us to catch up!
2:45 pm: After long drive through farm country; time for some cold ones
Can’t wait to do it again!

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