Monday, May 23, 2011

Break in the weather!

I couldn't resist, I had a break in the weather so I called up the bike shop, bailed my bike out of the clink, and hit the trails. Looking back, I guess I should have left it there. 100 feet in and the mud was unridable. 4 miles later I was exhausted, muddy and ready to call it quits. I found a road, hit the high gears and hammered back to the car. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention the endo I did into a big heaping pile of stinking mud. Good thing there was a stream that I could rinse off in, or I wouldn't have been able to ride home with myself. Guess what, its freaking raining again. When will this weather ever change!


  1. Sounds like my ride on Sunday...I was filty, wet and tried but I was dead set on getting a ride in this weekend.

  2. I tried running the mud tonight..not much better! decided on the stairs instead


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