Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun Extravaganza

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but the last 5 days have kept me quite busy with my family.  Just a little run down of our awesome Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

Friday-  Day off work, pack up family and hit a picnic for the adoption agency in Cleveland!  Awesome time for the kids -bounce house, games, pizza, animals, and great families!

Saturday- Visited the Christmas Story House, then Cleveland Zoo with EAC adoption agency.  Awesome day at the Zoo, beautiful weather, great food, international parade, cool animals, and talented Russian musicians (Moscow Nights); capped off by a nice family dinner out and an evening at the pool.

Sunday- Back in Columbus, sweet day at the pool, followed by spontaneous backyard picnic and beers!  Life is good!

Monday- 8am ride at Dillon State Park, 90 degrees and pain.  Ride was tough, came home battle scarred and beaten.  Not sure who got it worse, me or the bike!  Spent afternoon in the backyard baby pool with my son and his buddies!  Neighbors came over for another cookout!  Cold  beer, steaks, grilled veggies,  corn on the cob, and watermelon!

Tuesday- Another day off!  Woot!  Zoombezi Bay Water park with family.  Unbelievable weather, insane water slides, cool pools, lazy river, cold beer, tasty Pizza and awesome wave pool!  Exhausted 4 year old, and wore out old man!  

Time to rest from mini vacation!

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