Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alum Creek P2 First lap 2011

Today I was able to finish off my weekend season opener with a 6 mile trip around Alum Creek (p2).  This little jaunt should normally take about 40 minutes, but I had some friends go with me today and it was their first time out for the year, so it took quite a bit longer.  That being said, things were pretty decent.  My legs held up, even though I did 9 miles on Friday morning followed by 24 yesterday.  I can't say the same for my friends, as they did struggle a bit.  Regardless we all had a good time and got some exercise in as well. We had a few crashes, we actually completed a few obstacles previously not attempted, and probably had the laugh of the year.  About 4 miles in, while waiting for friends to catch up, I found a ridge over looking the lake where some Kayaks were hanging out.  From my perch up high, I was able to see they were drinking some beer.  As I sat there, they drank some more, and finally my friends caught up.  Apparently they didn't know we were perched up there, or just didn't care because the blond in the Kayak paddled out to an island, and preceded to drop her drawers.  Although we may have seen the "super moon" last night, I think it is safe to say we saw a better moon today!  Of course, knowing me, I did get pictures, just trying to decide if I should share!    Oh the joys of mountain biking!
Wow, it's gonna be a long day

Back Coves

Rest, one of many

should have saved the energy
conquered first hill

no comment necessary

this bridge curves

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