Tuesday, March 1, 2011

...must ride soon

Weather turned again today, back in the high 40's.  Weatherman says it is going to be nice all week and most likely dry out by the weekend.  Problem is, I am still waiting for some replacement parts to come in to get out on the trails.  It also has rained like crazy the last few days, so we would need to ride somewhere with some excellent drainage.  Odds are, I will get my parts Friday, make some repairs, and be ready to rock by Saturday morning.  Trip to Lake Hope, and we should be in business.  Now if only I was in shape to actually pull it off and enjoy myself this weekend!  

I think I will handle it!  


  1. LOL, I bet your in great shape if you have been riding..Weather here has been upper 60's :)

  2. I ride so I can drink! all gains are lost!

  3. ... Bikes and beer... You would have loved Germany. I was stationed in the Pfalz where the mountain biking is awesome. Hundreds of miles of deep forested trails, no traffic to dodge, great beer, it was awesome!


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