Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rear Derailluer Adjustments- Pain

I have never been accused of being a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination, but I am fairly mechanically inclined.  I have excellent eye hand coordination, and I understand simple mechanical concepts.  I don't always need to read instructions to build toys or furniture, and I know when to go to the diagrams!  I can change a tire,  the oil in my car, and even replace spark plugs!   As a youth, I even helped rebuild an engine!  I am excellent in math, and enjoy logic problems and puzzles.  I have more tools than any other guy in the neighborhood, and I actually know how to use them.   This being said, why is it so damn hard to adjust the rear derailluer on my bike?  I watch every you tube video I can find and yet nothing seems to work.  I understand the concept of what needs done, yet I cannot get it just right.  My current challenge is that the bike will not run smooth in granny gear, it keeps wanting to jump up towards the spokes .  Before you ask what the hell I am doing in granny gear, think Mohican and think Great Seal.   Big climbs and I suck at climbing! Big weekend of riding coming up, would appreciate any advice!  And don't say bike shop, they cannot get it right either!

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