Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mohican Conquered

Finally, finally, we were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather today without worrying about the trail conditions.  Mid 50 degree weather (although it was in the 30's at the start);what an awesome day for a ride.  Sunny, no wind, dry conditions, and riders everywhere! Even the bikes held up fairly well, given the limited maintenance they had received so far.
In case you have never been, Mohican National State Park is a state park located half way between Columbus and Cleveland, and it has been consistently rated the best mountain bike trail in Ohio.  All in, there are 24 1/2 mile of unbelievable single track trail system that includes challenging climbs, fast down hills, and awesome ridge riding.  Oh, the scenery not to bad either!  If 24 miles are not for you, there are ways to ride this with 6 mile, 9 mile and 15 mile loops so you can get a taste of what Mohican has to offer. (up until today, this has been my option)
All that has changed, my friends, I can now say I conquered this madness.  Ok, maybe not conquered, but at least completed.  It only took a short 5 hours, but we knocked out the 24 miles with daylight to spare (love spring) and energy to kill.  Well, maybe not so much energy, but a man can dream, right.

In case you are wondering what exactly Mohican has to offer, below is just a few highlights.

  • 1  mile climb out of the gate
  • awesome pine forest ride
  • small but annoying rock gardens
  • long and technical climbs
  • quick downhills
  • technical downhills
  • awesome views (even a covered bridge)
  • 2 mile climb at the half way mark ( my nemesis)
  • more pine forests
  • steep but short climbs
  • animals
  • hunters (watch out in the fall)
  • well place jumps
  • more freaking hills
  • awesome flowing 1 mile and half finish

Some pics of the ride
Just getting started, blame it on the clips

Manny to the rescue

Crash site

back on the saddle

whats down there

no clue who she is, love the shirt

birds didn't show up

water is moving

water under the bridge

swim anyone

everybody enjoying the day

wasn't me this time
don't fall down the hill

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