Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Bike-Giant Yukon

Stopped by the local bike shop today to pick up a new tire for the old hardtail.  It seems I crumpled the last one on our ride a couple weeks ago.   While visiting the store, I noticed a bike on sale 40% off.  I thought what the hell, why not check it out.   Turns out, it was a 2010 Giant Yukon FX, full suspension mountain bike. I had previously done some research on this particular bike, and it was actually rated very high for a full suspension, entry to mid level mountain bike.  Outside of a few complaints about the front shock, it seems that everyone was in awe of the quality of bike that was available for slightly less than a grand.  When I saw this bike on sale for $600 bones, I could't resist.  Add in some Cranks Brothers Candy Mallet pedals, and I am in business.  Although I cannot really ride yet due to the fact that it raining like a monsoon and all of the trails are closed, I did get to ride a little around the neighborhood.  It is most definitely heavier than my hardtail, but I knew it was going to be.  However the ride was so smooth, it was awesome.  I did have to take the bike back to have the front Derailleur adjusted, as I have never been any good at adjusting the front. Nothing major and part of the deal.  Couple things I liked most about this bike..

  1. The price was awesome
  2. Bike shop is close
  3. Lifetime warranty (free)
  4. Crash warranty (free)
  5. 4 inches of travel on rear shock
  6. Rear AIR shock
  7. SRAM components (although not the top line
  8. Decent quality  mechanical disc brakes (will upgrade eventually)
I would say the one major flaw I could find so far is the front shock.  The Rox Shck Dart 2  might not be strong enough for my 220 lb frame.  However, so far, nothing major yet, but we will put it to the test soon enough.

So, here it is....

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  1. ride in.. ok not really, circled the block 4 times, but you get the point....Stoked to ride


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