Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mud Ride

Wow, what a difference a little mud can make on a ride.   A simple ride, 6 miles or so, turned into a painful and grueling ride, as I had to fight the up and downhill battles with mud.   Many people shy away from the mud, which is actually a good thing, since it does rip up a trail pretty good; I just couldn't help my self yesterday.  The family was gone, the sun was out, and nothing to do until the hoops started.  So after an aggressive 2 hour game of basketball at 8 am, I returned home, geared up and hit the trails.

6 miles and an hour later, I was finished and completely exhausted.  The mud makes things completely different from what one is used too. I had to  work twice as hard with the pedals, and sliding all over the place on the side of hills is not very fun!  A ride that usually takes me a little over a half hour, was doubled simply by the conditions.  My goal of this ride was to take some awesome photos of the lake; however I was working to hard to even take the time to snap anything off.  Not sure if it was the ball in the morning, or the ride in the afternoon, but the legs are burning this morning and I feel like I did something productive towards my health (too bad i boozed it up after-words).

As I sit here this morning, typing this post, drinking a cup of coffee, and looking outside at the sun shining, there is only one thing going through my mind.   Hopefully, common sense will set in and I will remember how bad the conditions were, how much I cursed, and how important it is to let the trails heal!   Stay home and get some work done!   Yeah right!


  1. Believe it or not, I refrained! family came back from extended out of town stay, so hanging with them....oh though, it is still tempting


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